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Heya VK fans! :D

Hi everyone, I've had my LJ account for quite awhile but have never really used it until now and I could use some help! ^_^

At my university, I am working on research specifically about Visual Kei fandom. I've personally been a VK fan for 6 years & I would adore if some of you guys have some interest in being a part of my research. It's all very preliminary right now-- but I hope to look into how Visual Kei potentially affects how fans express themselves and if it affects your ideas on gender etc. Feel free to message me or add me-- so I can get in contact with you in the future-- i.e. with a survey or just messaging about your interests! I'd love to get to know other VK fans! :D

Additionally-- I plan on going to Japan around Mid-December (Dec. 21st- Jan 3rd or so). Does anyone know of what VK concerts are going on in that time frame? Also, how I could buy tickets to these concerts because I'm in the US now?

Thank you so very much for any and all help! m(__ __)m
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