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-addicted to j-rock-

J-Rock addicts
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Hi. Do you love J-Rock? Do you not remember a time where you didn't know of J-Rock? Are you simply addicted to J-rock?
c'mon now, this isn't a drug commercial..xD
Welcome. :D
This is for all you people who just love J-Rock.
[1] Please try to stay on topic when you post..I can't stress this enough. x_x;
[2] Feel free to plug other J-Rock sites/communities.
[3] Go ahead and post pictures or icons, just please put them behind an lj-cut. ^^;
[4] You can talk about some J-Pop, sure, but don't go INSANE. Save that for jpopaddicts. :D xD
[5] Make friends, have fun, and maybe even spread word about the community! :D

-Moderated by=peepotaku-
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